Oh Summer…

Even though the pace of summer may be more relaxed, it is an important time for faculty development and personal growth.   In addition to recharging one’s batteries, enjoying quality family time, and relaxing outdoors, I encourage every educator to:

  • Expand your learning network.  Interact more with others on twitter, participate in an unconference, or chat someone up at a conference.
  • Take a reflective walk through the past year.  Look at the past school year and determine what worked well, what’s worth exploring more, and what could be done better.  Keep your notes in Evernote or in some other searchable format.
  • Read.  Preview new children’s literature (whatever makes sense for your students’ age group) and pick up a great professional book as well.
  • Share something with a colleague.  In helping others grow, you’ll grow too!

How will you use your summer to grow?